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Unity Apps only in 2D on Hololens

Hey Developers!
I'm trying to get the Mixed Reality 250 to get working on my HoloLens but i have several problems:

  1. I can't use Unity 5.6 or Unity2017.1 (I get 58 errors by just opening the project) so i have to use Unity2017.2
  2. When launching the project on the hololens the app opens but just as a 2D window and not as a 3D application like it should be.
  3. Even when just having a blank project and changing the mainCamera values manually it still appears only in 2D after deploying :neutral: .

Has anyone experienced the same problem and knows how to debug it?

CEO UniVRsitas


  • 2017.2 betas don't work for hololens. at all.

    Try using Unity2017.1.0p5 (this is a patch that fixes a bug with using Visual Studio 2017 update 3 (ver 15.3.3). Describe your compile errors. If they are holotoolkit related, you might be able to fix them just by switching out to the correct version of the toolkit. Also, are you building from scratch or trying to run 250 from the completed project? If the latter, you should probably try recreating from scratch instead.

    James Ashley
    VS 2017 v5.3.3, Unity 2017.3.0f3, MRTK 2017.1.2, W10 17063
    Microsoft MVP, Freelance HoloLens/MR Developer

  • Thanks for the answer. I really don't get why this Unity version gets recommended then... Will try with version 2017.1.0p5

    CEO UniVRsitas

  • Hey Dinesh, regarding the 2D window, this could be due to your Build settings.
    Try changing the UWP Build Type from "XAML" to "D3D".

  • The latest version of Unity 2017.2.0b11 that came out today should run it without issue. They fixed the problem with HoloLens not being able to be deployed to.

  • Thanks guys for the support. I really appreciate it in times of frustation

    I've switched to Unity 5.61f1 now and the Holograms 240 finally does deploy on my Hololens. However i'm having another problem now :(

    After Chapter 3 i can't place the Energy Hub anymore. I read that it should take 30-60 secs but even after 2+ min waiting i'm still not able to place it anywhere using air tap. But my Hololens is actually connecting with the Sharing Service..

    I actually just want to have a simple menu to be seen on the same location on 2 hololenses. It can't be so hard.. is there any other way?

    CEO UniVRsitas

  • You must add Windows Holographic SDK in Build Settings/Player window, see attached imaged. Cheers!

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