Mixed Reality 250 can't import anchor

Hey Devs,
I have problems with the mixed reality 250 tutorial and would be super grateful if someone can help me.

I went through the excat steps of the mixed reality 250 tutorial until the end of chapter 3.
I use Unity 2017.2.0b11 (64-bit) and 2 Hololenses for it.
When starting the first hololens i can create a session and then place the usland with tap to place. All fine.
When starting the 2nd hololens it detects the first in the networt and i can join.
BUT now i don't see anything on the 2nd hololens except the cursor.

When i go to debug on the 1st hololens i see several errors regarding some teleport script.

Did anyone got this working? Please help.

CEO UniVRsitas

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  • Thank you, will try it out

    CEO UniVRsitas

  • @DineshPunni said:
    Thank you, will try it out

    I am also at same point,if you resolve this issue so kindly help me.how you have done?.

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