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MRDesignLab_Unity / Acer Mixed Reality Headset

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Hello Developers,

Sadly Microsoft mixed all stuff with the HoloLens and the Mixed Reality Headset together which makes it unbelivable hard to develop with the Mixed Reality Headset.
Recently i discovered the MRDesignLab for Unity where some Examples with mesh interactions and buttons are descriped. Sadly this seems only to work with the HoloLens.
Even if i try to implement my working Mixed Reality Room with the Buttons i get a thousend of errors.

So my question is , does anyone managed to get a working scene like the Mixed Reality Portal?
Where teleporting AND interacting with selfmade meshes or what ever is working??

I need to know how to interact with objects, scale them and move them around and so on.

Would be awesome to get some tips or example scenes. Because like i mentioned it is unbeliveable hard to get a better understanding cause every toolkit seems to be manly developt for the HoloLens and not the Mixed Reality Headset.

Thanks in advance.



  • Hi @Bendrix,

    The Mixed Reality Toolkit (formerly HoloToolkit) works for both the Immersive Headsets and the HoloLens. Part of the issue I am guessing you are running into are issues with the fact that the Immersive Headsets require the use of Unity 2017.2.0 and the version of the MRTK that you are likely grabbing is the Main Branch, which has not been updated yet for that version. There is a branch of the Toolkit called Dev_Unity_2017.2 that is upgraded for the API changes that came about in Unity 2017.2. I would not recommend grabing the raw code from that branch, as a couple days ago we started work on merging the two branches together and its still in flux, however if you click the releases tab on the GitHub Project, there is a pre-release version of it that we took before we started the merge, and it should be stable for use with the MR Headsets.

  • pasebpaseb
    edited October 2017

    Hi @Bendrix,

    There is a branch of MRDL that supports the immersive headsets and controllers here:

    This requires Unity 2017.2f to build out and run. There are other pull requests to merge functionality from MRDL into MRTK here:

    Post that pull request we will be integrating other base examples from MRDL into MRTK.


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