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Just got my Acer Mixed Reality head set screen not workin

Just got my headset. After setting it up I can't see anything in the screen. It shows that it's plugged in and ready to go but when i put them on I don't see anything. Anyideas?


  • What build of Windows are you running @jgardner16?

  • edited October 2017

    Windows 10 Home
    version: 1709
    OS Build: 16296.0.rs3_release.170919-1503

    I got the warning for my graphics card I don't see anything in the goggles but I can see the content in the portal window. When I move the headset the stuff in the portal window moves seems like sensors are working.

  • What kind of computer are you running? Graphics card, etc?

  • It's a dell XPS 16 gb of ram. GeForce GT 620 I have updated as much software as I can.

  • I think I found the problem not sure but I think the power supply in my PC is not powerful enough to run the head set. Does that sound like a possibility?

  • Yes, actually. The HMD requires a pretty decent power supply to the USB if I recall...

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