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TCP connection with hololens works only in one way

For a while now I'm trying to send data to hololens but nothing works.

I'm using Windows.Networking and I have an UWP application running on my PC.
I based it on this example:

When I try to communicate between two PCs or when I'm sending a message from hololens it gets recieved normally but any attempt to send it to the hololens was unsuccessful.

I have also tried UDP example from this post with the same results - I can recieve a message from hololens but I can't send it:

I have tried using different ports and disabling firewall. Tried updating and resetting hololens. Updating Visual Studio, Unity and HoloToolkit. I tried creating a new project with only networking script to check if something other in my project wasn't interfering.

So if anyone had a similar could you please share what has or hasn't worked for you?



  • hey I have the same problem, I want to send data from MATLAB to hololens but the data couldn't be received. Did you find a solution for your problem?

  • I've only been able to go from hololens -> pc, and not the other way around. Any updates on this? :(

  • edited April 2018

    This listener code runs ... but I didn't send anything ...

    Windows.Networking.Sockets.StreamSocketListener listener = new Windows.Networking.Sockets.StreamSocketListener();
    listener.ConnectionReceived += SocketListener_ConnectionReceived;
    await listener.BindServiceNameAsync("1666");

  • check out this blog, it outlines all the issues I've encountered when trying to set up successful PC-> HoloLens communication.

  • @cb_emerge thank you, will do. have you tried connecting via udp by any chance, as opposed to tcp..?

  • ok ive exhausted all options on udp, really bent over backwards trying to make the externaldevice->hololens work the past two days but no dice. just gonna go the tcp route now *sigh

  • @cb_emerge thanks so much for your link! - really well explained. FINALLY got it working via TCP.. and it works beautifully! couldnt make udp work for the life of me. gbye udp

  • @mumblefish said:
    @cb_emerge thanks so much for your link! - really well explained. FINALLY got it working via TCP.. and it works beautifully! couldnt make udp work for the life of me. gbye udp

    How did you get it? please i have no idea :(

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