Trying to deploy "HolographicApp" on Hololens Emulator but getting error: DEP0001: Unexpected Error

I am trying to run a basic example project on Hololens Emulator using MS Visual Studio 2017. I tried to create a new project in MS Visual Studio 2017 Community V.15.4.2 and chose HolographicApp for Hololens Emulator. I chose Release and X86. This is very basic example project but I could not deploy it. I get the following error. How can I solve this? Any suggestions? I also tried to build and run Origami Project but same result.

Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
Error DEP0001: Unexpected Error: SmartDeviceException - BOOT_E_CONFIGURATION_ERROR [0x80131500] HolographicApp3

I installed latest MS Visual Studio 2017 Community and Hololens Emulator (10.0.14393)

(I run Hololens Emulator on Hyper V Manager and I could not use it by mouse . It says mouse input not captured, maybe this situation could be related with it and give a hint. I don't know if it is normal I have never successfully run anything on emulator)

I am adding Screenshots:



  • I get the same error, and the emulator seems to hang indefinitely on "OS is starting..."
    I am able to run other things that require Hyper-V, and have reinstalled both the emulator and visual studio. Would greatly appreciate any pointers or suggestions.

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