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How would I change what the Hololens thinks is my hand?

Hi. I would like to change what the Hololens thinks is my hand and I would like to use a different object to be detected as a hand.

Thanks Nicholas @PolyBionics


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    I don't believe this is possible natively. Perhaps you could use leap motion?


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    stepan_stulovstepan_stulov ✭✭✭
    edited November 2017

    Hey, @PolyBionics

    I believe HoloLens is designed with a hand in mind. While you're free to choose which hand you use (and even your sneaky colleague can do a gesture from behind your back for you) and while HoloLens has a certain tolerance to how exactly you perform the gestures it's still just that - a limited set of gestures performed by hands.

    I believe what you want is these two functionalities.

    First. You want to detect a certain id of a tool you're wielding. HoloLens has nothing of that sort. Neither will it reliably continue to recognize your gestures with your hands occupied. Solutions that come to my mind are bluetooth beacons with unique IDs that you could let the HoloLens detect. Alternatively you could supplement your tool with a marker that Hololens could detect visually (Vuforia maybe?) and get the tool ID from the marker ID. You could also try to build a second mobile phone app where there is a tool selection menu and networking with the HoloLens app to report which tool is in use. Your phone can recognize spatial gestures from the gyroscope and accelerometer data by the way. That could be reported back to Hololens vie network as well. I think there has been some Harry Potter app with magic spell gestures. You could always slap a custom case in form of a sword onto your phone. Finally you could simply ask the user: what tool are you wielding?

    Second. You want to perform some gestures with the tool wielded. As already mentioned, HoloLens only does hands so you will have to utilise side technologies for that. One suggestion, like @mark_grossnickle kindly provided, is to use Leap Motion. I'm not informed enough about it especially in conjunction with HoloLens. Another alternative is to pair HoloLens with some VR rig, HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, that both have outstanding tracing of controllers and even standalone beacons to slap on weapons etc. This is of course not such a mobile installation as HoloLens alone anymore. I guess one could also look in the direction of Microsoft Kinnect, but I'm not informed about that topic as well. Finally, as I mentioned before, you could do the gesture learning and recognition on your mobile phone and simply send this info vie network. Why not! Your knight equipment: a helmet (HoloLens) and a weapon (iPhone).

    There have been discussions about opening up HoloLens's low-level internals for developing custom gestures but I believe they weren't met with enthusiasm on Microsoft team side just yet.

    Hope this helps.

    PS: Sorry, game developer background, might have drifted into fantasy a little bit.

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