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The Mixed Reality Forums here are no longer being used or maintained.

There are a few other places we would like to direct you to for support, both from Microsoft and from the community.

The first way we want to connect with you is our mixed reality developer program, which you can sign up for at https://aka.ms/IWantMR.

For technical questions, please use Stack Overflow, and tag your questions using either hololens or windows-mixed-reality.

If you want to join in discussions, please do so in the HoloDevelopers Slack, which you can join by going to https://aka.ms/holodevelopers, or in our Microsoft Tech Communities forums at https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/mixed-reality/ct-p/MicrosoftMixedReality.

And always feel free to hit us up on Twitter @MxdRealityDev.

Have any teachers introduced HoloLens to their Students yet?

I am a mentor to high school girls in the Seattle area and am helping them build their tech project portfolios for college applications. Would love to share tips, ideas, projects with other teachers/mentors.


  • Hi AZSilver! Thanks for posting. I would absolutely love to chat with you about your tips, tricks, and project ideas. We have a girls only tech club and will be developing with the Hololens this next year as part of our explorations. That is part of why I started the group - with such new hardware it is difficult to know some of the best ways to roll it out with kiddos and I would love some companions on the journey. Have any time soon to connect?


    - Sean
  • Alec_HAlec_H ✭✭

    Hi everyone,
    I am currently working for a university working on a Hololens project and brought on a high school Junior going to be a senior from my high school. I would love to help out any way I can to help people connect with technology in high school. My school didn't do any of that and would like to help people out the best I can. Hope you can make strides in this area.
    Good luck have fun!

  • Working on the funding now. We do grade 8-12 Unity3D and Oculus game/experience design at a tiny New Brunswick Canada high school. Coming soon.
  • Hi All,
    We developed an app/teaching tool to simulate different gravity on holograms. We would be happy to share the app files with any teachers who would like to see the program on Unity & Visual Studio.

    Newtons Apple: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/newtons-apple/9pfb7k78m70h
    YouTube demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wgr8l0BjACI


  • I run a game design course for high school seniors (12th grade). I teach Unity in this class and for the past semester we've been learning to develop content for Hololens. I have three units available to the class. Right now they're just getting the basics down. They're fresh to everything 3d game design related; so, that means in one semester they're being introduced to Unity, 3D modeling, coding, and now Hololens. I used the Hololens tutorials to serve as both an introduction to Unity and Hololens at the same time. If anyone is interested for more information on what we're up to, or just to discuss, I'd love to have a conversation about it.

  • We got news coverage of our game design class developing for Hololens. Here are a couple of links:
    1. The actual news story link: http://www.yourcentralvalley.com/feature-virtual-reality-classrooms
    2. The project page I created at my developer blog. It has more specific information about what we're actually up to: http://www.step2digital.com/cart-wars

  • if anyone is still watching this topic. I have created a solution and partnered with the DoE as a Vendor please email [email protected]. I can help you get the program in your highschool! I am the CoFounder of the WebGuyz .

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