Cleaning the HoloLens


Has anyone dived into the cleaning of the HoloLens. We work for a pharmaceutical company that wants to bring it into a cleanroom. The environmental people asks if it can be cleaned with 70% alcohol using a cloth. What parts can withstand this procedure and what parts cannot?


  • LUFQ did you get an answer to your question?

  • One of our clients uses a HoloLens in a clean room. We clean the device (all the parts) with non-alcohol based wipes.
    Also it may be easier to bring the device into the clean room and never taking it out again. Such a device is exclusively used with gloves and a headdress so it does not come into contact with human skin.

  • @Marko
    Not sure if this will be of any use being so late but I currently have had no issue with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol for everything but the screens and use Electronic Equipment Wipes for the screens. The 70% hasn't seemed to cause any adverse effects on the Hololens, just make sure there isn't any access moisture that can come off the pads.

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