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Spectator View Compositor frame offset


I've gotten spectator view to work with my application but there is a noticeable delay between the camera image and the holograms (due to the speed of the capture card). I'm aware that the frameOffset variable in the Compositor window is supposed to deal with this issue. However, even if I set the offset to a very large value like 3000 (by editing the maxFrameOffset in CompositorWindow.cs) there is no noticeable difference in either the preview window or the recorded video.
I've gone through the code, and it seems to call SetFrameOffset(3000) from the UnityCompositorInterface dll, but I can't go much farther from there.

Am I missing something here? How do I get the frameoffset to apply?



  • Hi @trujano I have same problem with Canon 5D MkIII using a Blackmagic DeckLink Intensity Pro 4K which is default Camera and default card so I don't understand. But when I try to capture video with Media Express there was much smaller lag. Maybe few miliseconds. Do you have any new info about this problem or not?

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