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Will we get horizontal angle of window?

I created a simple html5 local page to connect a USB camera. Mounted this to a boom above my work space. Within the house, I can open the page and park it close to my desktop widow.
This gives a view as if I were looking down at my office desk. Allowing me to find my input devices and easily use keyboard shortcuts. But the window is vertical and can only be angled vertically left to right. I want to be able to angle it horizontally forward and backward to position more like a natural position of a keyboard.
Ultimately, when the platform advances,I want to create a virtual desk with a projected view of my actual desk. But being able to place it, floating, in my workspace at the desired angle would be highly appreciated. I hit this limitation within minutes of setting up and considering that a huge part of what vr allows, is the ability to step outside of reality, I thought this would be an easy thing to build in.
This would also allow you to add screens to the floor, Which would give you the ability to, you know, add a shark tank under your feet while looping a streaming video of it. That alone, screens on floors, would be awesome.


  • Could I ask about which develop platform are you focus on? Or you mean the default cliff house MR Scene.

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