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How to import 3D models (STP, IGES, STL, and etc.) into the Hologram app?

I would like to view some of my various 3D drawings in Windows MR. How do I import them into the Cliff House? I'm thinking along the lines of having them as assets in the Hologram app and simply just selecting it and placing it in my Cliff House?


  • Hello, i am facing the very same challenge. I bought the WMR headset to watch my 3D models in 3D VR but all i am getting so far is a 2D tile of 3D Builder or Mixed Reality Viewer pinned on a wall in my Cliff House. It doesnt seem there is a way how to import anything to the Holograms app or how to open your own model in your Cliff House. I found a lot of tutorials how to build a whole app with your models and creating a fancy 3D launcher for it but nothing as simple as just opening your own model in the Cliff House. Am i missing something? Is it yet to come?

  • Hi.

    Same goes here. I just bough the HP Mixed Reality goggles for my Asus GL502VS (i7 7700HP, 16GB RAM, GTX1070), running Win10 Pro (64 Bit, OS 10.0.16299.192). Having played around with it I quite liked the Mixed Reality Portal and the growing possibilities of Apps being added to the "building". I wouldn't mind it getting bigger and maybe a little more complex over time, but for the time being there is still a lot to play around with. As I was tinkering around with the Hologram app where you can select objects to add to your building, I was wondering wether is a possibility to add additional objects to that app and where they would actually bee stored within Windows. I have a few .obj files I'd love to add into the Mixed Reality portal, first of all some awesome Mechwarrior Battlemechs that I would let tower over my building. These .obj files are already easily usable in other 3d apps within Windows at that point (e.g. Paint 3d, Mixed Reality Viewer etc.), so I reckon the Hologram app shouldn't be too far off for that matter. On the other hand I could conver 3d files into a specific file type, if I would know what filetype, how to set the parameters within the filetype and of course, where to put it in the end.

    I hope someone can point me in the right direction and thanks in advance for any input.

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