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Samsung Odyssey for World Scale VR

edited December 2017 in Q&A and Discussions

Hi all,

A friend of mine recently got me a Samsung Odyssey and I've been experimenting since yesterday.

First of all, I'm impressed by the tracking, it's pretty good! controllers tracking is not extra great, but I can live with it.
Also my UE4 projects work out of the box, even using the Play in Editor mode, which is great!!!!

I bought it mainly for the possibility to remove the needs of tracking cameras and also to be able to get World Scale VR, which is something I already did a while ago using a Motion Capture Suit and the DK2, combined with the MSI VR One

Reading here I notice that maybe a dummy plug for the mini display port is needed ( otherwise the HMD won't work ), so I ordered one, and I'm also planning to integrate the Noitom Hi5 VR gloves ( I own a prototype ) into the entire setup, so that I will get World Scale VR with the possibility of custom interaction using the gloves.

Can't wait to test everything out, but I notice that, every time I start an Unreal Engine project, the Mixed Reality portal fires up, and from SteamVR I always get the "mirror display is active", even if the mixed reality portal is on Pause and the only video feed is from the HMS itself.
I haven't noticed any performance drop, even with heavy scenes, so I was wondering why I had that warning.


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    I have same problem with my Msi vr one that when i disconnect the monitor the hmd turned into black
    Where did ypu ordered the dummy plug ?
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    Amazon....30€ are quite a bit for a small piece of plastic, but it does work.
    I'll test the world scale setup this weekend

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