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Low Framerate on Unet Sharing

Hey Devs, i'm trying to build a multiplayer HoloLens game and have following problem:

I want both players to be able to see each other (having a small cube on the head which moves with the players)

Here is what i did so far:

Created a player prefab which is a small cube with a playercontroller script. The script puts the position of the cube to the main cameras position (the Hololens)

Added a NetworkIdentity and NetworkTransform to the player prefab

The player now gets spawned when i create/join the server and puts the cube on the hololens position. However the hololgrams get extremely shaky and it just feels like it's running on 1fps. (Maybe i can change some settings on the NetworkTransform)

Here my setup:

As MRTK basis i have the Holograms250 project (this seemed to be the only one which works with unet sharing)
Visual Studio 2017

I thought of putting the cube directly to the Hololens camera and adding the NetworkID and NetworkTransform but then i couldn't create/join the server since the HoloCamera only gets spawned after creating the server.

Would be super cool if someone has an idea how to get it stable.

P.S. Sorry for any mistakes/bad grammar. I'm participating on the global game jam and i'm sleep deprived :#:#:#

CEO UniVRsitas

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  • @DineshPunni the SharingWithUnet project works fine from the MRTK? Is there a reason you're trying to recreate it?

    AR Developer

  • DineshPunniDineshPunni ✭✭
    edited January 2018

    Hmm interesting. Which MRTK release and which Unity version are you using?

    When i was using the most up to date MRTK with Unity2017.2.0f3 the 2nd Hololens didn't find the first one in the available sessions window (which works good on the Holograms250 project).

    I was waiting up to 1min. Maybe i should've wait longer

    CEO UniVRsitas

  • Ahhh alright, good to know.

    Will try it out. Thanks!

    CEO UniVRsitas

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