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Hi there,
I have a problem regarding the Spacial Understanding Mesh. After some running time of my app the visualized mesh is moved up a little. I have no real idea under which circumstances exactly it happens, but I feel it almost always happens after I put down the HoloLens for some time and then put it back on. Killing the app and starting it again solves it, but is not convenient for the user. Any ideas why this happens, how to prevent it from happening and how to solve it during runtime?

Thanks in advance!

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  • Thanks @dbarrett !
    Any idea how to reset this during runtime if it happened accidentally? This seems to be an OS internal problem. Why does it work after killing the app and restarting it? Shouldn't it persist on the OS level?

  • The only workaround that I have found to work is to remap the room.

    AR Developer

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