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Post-process Hololens photo

I am developing a Hololens app that have photo Capture & video recording functionality. I can acquire photo and video with holograms, I followed this link : https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/mixed-reality/locatable_camera_in_unity.

My question are:
Is it possible to remove the hologram from the photo after the picture is taken?
For example, is possible to save the realty (PV camera) and the Hologram in different 'layers'?



  • Hey, @Osvaldo.

    I believe with the PhotoCapture API you can either capture the reality, or the reality with the holograms superimposed. That means that only the reality part can be separated, not the holograms. You could of course take one with and one without and apply some kind of image extraction. But the result might be dirty. Also there will be a delay between taking the captures so you will end up with two slightly different pictures.

    What you could do is take a hologram-free capture and simultaneously render your Untiy camera into a PNG with transparent background. Then you still have to solve two problems: first is to make sure both really happen at the same time, and second is to transform camera render to match the photo capture since their view ports are different. There is a Locatable camera article that describes that transformation.

    Hope this helps.

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  • When you create your PhotoCapture object using the CreateAsync method, there is a parameter called showHolograms. You feed it false if you don't want to show holograms or true if you want to show them.


    As far as creating layers, you would need to dive deeper into the PhotoCapture class to double check, but I don't believe that would be possible. The way around it though might be to take two photos almost simultaneously, one with Holograms and the other without them.

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