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Mixed Reality on a Optimus Laptop

Will a Mixed Reality Headset work on a Lenovo Y50 laptop (860m Nvidia Optimus)? I am aware that the laptop is not capable of sustaining the 90fps standard that most headsets recommend/require, that is not relevant to the information I am looking for. For the purpose of this question consider above 50 frames to be acceptable.

My primary concern is how the Nvidia Optimus is implemented in the laptop. From what I understand, both the laptop's display and HDMI port are directly connected to the Integrated Intel chip and not the discrete Nvidia 860m. basically all the computing done by the 860m is then passed through the intel chip (for lack of better terminology and tech knowledge). note that the only graphics options in BIOS do not allow for running solely on nvidia. Would this set-up render the laptop (again, by the standard mentioned above) unusable for VR?

I know that pre DK2 occulus was able to run (not at 90fps but it ran) on the lenovo y50 but later builds and the vive were no longer compatible. Further information, I do actually own a desktop capable of running VR games at 90fps and maxed settings, I'm just curious on whether MR is viable on my laptop.

Thank You anyone who answers

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