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Trouble loading files using unity's www on the Hololens

~~Hi guys/gals, I can't get unity to load a file that exists on the Hololens app's local persistent storage.
Here's my code:
IEnumerator GetClip(string fileName)
if (File.Exists(GetFilePath(fileName)))
Debug.Log(fileName + " clip found in resources folder, playing that");
return true; `
using (WWW www = new WWW("file:///" + GetFilePath(fileName)))
yield return www;
if (www.error!=null){
Debug.Log("www error is: " + www.error);
Debug.Log("www says: " + www.text);
audioSource.clip = www.GetAudioClipCompressed(false, AudioType.OGGVORBIS);
Debug.Log("Playing clip" + fileName);



private string GetFilePath(string fileName) {
Debug.Log("Returning path: " + Path.Combine(Application.persistentDataPath, fileName));
return Path.Combine(Application.persistentDataPath, fileName);

My output is:

Returning path: C:/Data/Users/andre/AppData/Local/Packages/MixedRealityToolkit-Unity_zbb2d34ez0get /LocalState\greetings%21.ogg greetings%21.ogg clip found in resources folder, playing that www error is: 404 Not Found www says:
I've logged onto the hololens file explorer and the file is there and I can play it on my media player, so it should work!~~

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