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Holograms following when not supposed to

edited February 2018 in Discussion

Hello there!

I'm currently working on a project, in which I want to instantiate gameobjects at runtime that should remain at their positions after creation. The instantiating works without problems, but if I deploy the project to the Hololens, the gameobjects keep following me in a certain distance as if there was a billboard script attached. When executed in the Hololens Emulator or with the remote feature of Unity, the gameobjects remain at their position like intended.

Do I miss a simple concept oder understanding?
I would really appriciate your help, thank you in advance!


  • Hey, @Zekken

    It's hard to say exactly what could be wrong, but some guesses are your billboard script accidentally syncs the object's position with the camera or it's actually parented by the camera.

    Another guess would be that your app actually crashes when run on the device which causes some of the expected behaviour to not be reached further in the frame execution queue so the position syncing is not as expected.

    It's hard too judge without seeing the scene / Visual Studio output.

    Hope this helps.

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  • The billboard script is only attached to the canvas and the fps display and wasn't modified at all. I've attached the Unity window and the Visual Studio code, where the position is modified.
    I will check your guess that the app crashes at some point when running on the device later.

  • Sounds like your world anchors are not in place. My program acts like you describe, when for instance, when in a dark room the mapping features sort of lose track of where they're at and then ... stuff doesn't work ... up until the mapping features start working again. Doesn't work means ... everything follows me around ... like a Billboard script might cause them to do ... and I can guarantee ...there are no Billboard scripts in my code ...

    Now, for more truth read my posts and those by Utekai ... the monkey minded fool ... a simpleton of sorts ... who ... as it turns out ... is a Monkey who writes Truth. Incessantly ...

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