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"scanning small QR Codes" with Microsoft HoloLens


  • But the Hololens can scan QR codes by itself. Why would you need a device?

  • @MattFedoCSG Hello there. In my research I could only find examples of people scanning large (sheet of paper sized) QR Codes... This was the basis for my assumption that the device was not optimal for scanning "smaller" (postage stamp sized) QR codes which are more versatile and applicable for a wider range of functions. Could you please elaborate further with some reference material of someone scanning small QR codes with HoloLens?

    Additionally: Benefits of using a mobile device as a QR Code Scanner include:
    -the touch screen functionality of the mobile device to interact with the media linked via QR Code.
    -the light on the mobile device allows for scanning of QR codes in less than optimal lighting conditions.
    -you can control which QR code in your field of vision which you wish to scan
    -you don't have to hold the QR code up your face (the HoloLens camera)

  • True, qr code scanning is a little difficult, has some higher overhead, and more friction in the UX dept (which is why most clients choose beacons). But I have implemented scanning on code around 2 inches tall. The project is under NDA, so I cannot share anything. Lets just say, you need to look into the Mtaulty scanning blog post, OpenCV2ForUnity or Vuforia. All 3 work just fine on the Holo.

    Most clients though, depending on what you are doing, realize that an option to make a free app on your phone to scan codes is a better ROI than using scanning with just a $3K / $5K device on your head. Ive been running into this situation a lot.

  • Thanks for the informative response.

    I strongly believe that MR Headset scanning of QR codes is the future...
    It's just limited by the current model HoloLens device functionality..
    Which is ever-improving, thanks to Microsoft.

    I have continued researching and found this 8670 Wireless Ring Scanner:

    This may be a great optional device to work in-conjunction with the HoloLens (in the meantime) to get the best functionality of 2D QR Code scanning...

    Especially since beacon technology is more complex and expensive, in-comparison (to the best of my knowledge).

    As for your clients that express their need to limit their spending, I advise that you sell them on the display functionality of multiple/pinnable/interactive media screens/holograms achievable with the HoloLens. I hope this helps.

    Jaswinder Brar.

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