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App keeps starting in desktop mode (not inside MR portal) in debugger please help!

Please tell me what value I need to put for TargetDeviceFamily to make this damn thing NOT start on the desktop. I tried windows.holographic but then it fails to deploy at all! It's starting as a regular 2D app, failing to create a HolographicSpace and then crashing. I need this to be working in the debugger!

Please help!

Best Answer


  • It seems to be behaving the same way even when launching via the MR portal. What's going on?? This worked before I updated to the fall creators preview build of windows.

    mHolographicSpace = HolographicSpace::CreateForCoreWindow(window);

    This line fails now and didn't use to.

  • I am making an assumption that you are writing a DirectX app and not using an engine like Unity?

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