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  • utekaiutekai ✭✭✭
    edited February 2018

    It looks like all the problems have been worked out with publishing. So getting closer to the date ... the well ... awakening moment for this program ... ha ha ... Awakening Moment is also it's name ... the date to be released ... soon.

    But struggling to find any sort of story line ... to introduce this PRODUCT ... so it won't be a total failure ... like my previous release.

    Because, well, the product really is neat ... it's a true 3d virtual doodler, which allows precise cursor placement, with the exact shape needed, to construct ... well, a perfect diamond ... but virtually. And with motions and rotations and joining and more too. So solar system rotations are well ... a breeze.

    In fact, if interested now, in SEEING A PERFECT DIAMOND ... well, there is no need to wait for the Awakening Moment version, the sacred geometry with instant 3d builder does it now. And several perfect diamond scripts are already written too, just need to say them, but also can build your own too.

    But ... no flashy intros ... I build engines, not fluff. And that is what I did.

    But here's the story line to market this product ... that I'm thinking of ... well, right now ... and it really does still seem ... well, weak ...


    I'm just wondering why Microsoft marketing won't contact me, I mean you guys know if you've ever tried to contact them ... literally impossible ... or ... perhaps because the last time they did contact me ... it wasn't to market a product at all. Yep, that was an interesting call ... looking back on it that is ... and for some reason, I can remember lots of details now ... truthy ones. But, hoping for success with this version ... Awakening Moment ... to wake up the diamond in you ... or Poetry for the Mind .... something like that anyway. It's gonna be cool ... and truthy too.

  • utekaiutekai ✭✭✭
    edited February 2018

    You know ... I might start charging for this ... $10 per point of light ... desired.

    You now, for 4 points of light, $40. For 64 points, well, perhaps $500.

    For 512 points ... well ... just getting started ... cause it goes a lot higher than 512.

    But ... you know .. $10 per point of light ... somehow is sounding ... yep, about right.

    Hmmm ... thinkin' thinkin' ... might not be free ... for long .... yep, maybe not.

    Edit ... yep, no longer free ... even the free version is now taken down.

  • utekaiutekai ✭✭✭
    edited February 2018

    NEXT IDEA for marketing name ... a truthful name ... Mind Seeds ...

    Sprout poetry from your mind ... begin to visualize your own life's poetry and watch it unfold ... right in front of your mind's eye. Open up your 3rd eye today.

    So more on the next marketing idea ... it seems Awakening Moment really just sort of makes people think of prophets and addicts, and not about themselves.

    See this software is about the individual ... it's about the person using it ... it changes their lives ... for the better ... via belief in oneself ... and via practical actions.

    Well, that's on my blog ... microsofttechnologist dot com

  • utekaiutekai ✭✭✭

    Just honing the mind seeds idea ... or polishing the diamond as rusty68029 would say ...


  • utekaiutekai ✭✭✭

    Now sort of leaning toward the name of ..."Be One of the Lucky Ones" ... virtual reality mind seeds software for the mind ...


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