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There has got to be an easier way than this right? USB 3.0 fun and games

So that W.M.R. headset...
...amazing bit of kit, a little uncomfortable i'll admit but what headset isnt?
just plug and play right?...right?

er...not so much.

So this is the DELL version of the WMR and this is the issue.
every time i want to use my headset this is the process, It doesn't matter if i leave it plugged in disconnect it, if i need to restart or reboot my PC then THIS is the process.

-Check to see if headset is tracking (it never is)
-Turn head left and right, look at floor attempting to get tracking (it doesn't work)
-Turn of WMR app
-Open Device manager and click on USB controllers
-right clock properties: Etron USB 3.0 eXensiable Host Controller - 1.0 (microsoft)
-roll back drivers on host controller to non Windows version
-watch as WMR boots and fails to track before shutting it down
-update host controller back to: Etron USB 3.0 eXensiable Host Controller - 1.0 (microsoft)
-watch WMR come to life and track normally
-notice i have no hand tracking, shut down WMR app
-unplug and replug USB Bluetooth 4.0+ dongle and restart controllers
-boot WMR app, now functioning.
-boot steam VR etc. game on._

This is the required workaround EVERY time I want to use the WMR headset.
Now NO its not a long process but it IS frustrating. There HAS to be a better way right?

Has ANYONE got a better workaround than this or a way to code and automate it upon launch?

That said it does resolve the USB 3.0 error and many like it and as i said it is fairly quick but with gear like this and with a Dev team as large as MS this really should not be the case.

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