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20sec freeze when booting app

I have an app developed with unity (2017.2.2f1) using HoloToolKit (2017.2.1.3)
It was fine using on the hololens we had. We got another one and it didn't work as it should. When booting up the app it goes 20-25sec of only seeing the cursor, then the unity splashscreen appears and the rest of the game.
Turns out the new hololens had a newer software installed. We updated the software on the older one and we get the same error so now both of them take 20-25sec extra to boot up the app.

The game uses UNET and textmesh pro
Once the game actually starts everything works fine.
Is this a known issue? If so is there a fix?
Or is there a way to download an older version of the hololens software?



  • I downloaded the beta version available on the hololens and the freeze time is down to 10 sec

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