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How to control which objects are registered as pointer sources?


I'm working with MRTK in Unity on an immersive app that uses motion controllers, and I can't figure out how the default MixedRealityCamera controller setup determines which objects are registered as pointer sources. Specifically, I'd like to make one of the controllers the pointer source when the app starts, and disable all other potential sources (currently you can switch between the two controllers using the trigger, and I would like it to stay on the one that it starts on.)

Can anyone explain to me how I might do that, or which script(s) control that behavior?


  • Mainly in this script you can manage your pointer sources.

  • Thanks, but I need a little more info on this. How do I register a particular controller as the current pointing source?

    Sorry if these are newbie questions, I'm still figuring out the toolkit.

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