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Sharing Holograms - Help!

I'm trying to get hologram sharing working in my own app, but l'm honestly shocked how poor the documentation is. Here's the steps from the academy:

  1. In the Project panel navigate to the HoloToolkit\Prefabs\Sharing folder.
  2. Drag and drop the Sharing prefab into the Hierarchy panel.

Are you kidding me? You preconfigured the entire thing, and you just drag everything in? There's a gazillion scripts and objects in there, with no explanation about which scripts does what.

The holotoolkit wiki isn't much more useful:

SO! Can someone please put a step-by-step how to send and received holograms and messages using this service? (already got world anchors placement, serialization and deserialization down - I just need to broadcast and received them as well as other types of messages for current application state)


Best Answer


  • Thanks! That's a good start (and stuff that would be good to put in the holotoolkit wiki)

  • My case is that I already have the message broadcast and I also register to listen to the message. But I don't receive the message although through debug I did see it sent out. Any idea?

  • I have the same issue. Hololens never recives anything regardless of implementation. I tired UNet, custom UDP and this. Nothing. Did you get it to work?

    I just want to send a simple string to the Hololens. All this is way to overhead AND requires a PC hosting the service.

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