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Toolkit sliders problems

I am starting to use the mixed reality toolkit trying several examples. I want to ask problems I am having sliders (as in https://github.com/Microsoft/MixedRealityToolkit-Unity/blob/master/Assets/HoloToolkit-Examples/UX/Readme/README_InteractiveButtonComponents.md

The first problem: When I put a slider in my solution and set (with the Inspector) its Min Slider Value and Max Slider Value (to for example 0.1 and 1) and I run the program I get a slider that can go from 0 to 0.9!!!
I wonder why this is happening?

The second problem: Sometimes when trying sliders they get drawn in a incorrect orientation as it had fall down. Particularly in the example provided by the toolkit there are 4 types of slider: Billboarder, Billboarded centered, Control Alligned and Camera Aligned. (I don't quite catch the differences) The problem occurs in the first two (billboarded)
This obviously does not look good

Any help appreciated


  • ago16bago16b
    edited July 2018

    Hey @hitoruna

    I am having the same issue as you stated in your first question. Like I want the values to go from 0.1 to 25, but it makes it go from 0 to 24.99. This is bad for me because I cannot ever have a value of zero for math reasons.

    My work around was adding the following to SliderGestureControls.cs:

            /// <summary>
            /// The value of the slider
            /// </summary>
            public float SliderValue
                private set
                    if (mSliderValue != value)
                        mSliderValue = value;
                    if (mSliderValue == 0.0f)     // What I added
                        mSliderValue = 0.01f;
                    return mSliderValue;

    This is obviously a terrible fix but if you only have one slider using this script it may work. Especially if you add else if statements for the upper bound.

    I hope someone sees this problem and can explain to us what to do, because looking through the code I was unable to pinpoint the culprit.

  • I read that this problem is a bug, that is already fixed in the development version. Therefore it will be incorporated in the next release

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