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Controllers jitter and fly off into the distance


I recently picked up a Windows Mixed Reality HMD with two controllers. Everything works fine but I'm experiencing some difficulty with frequent 'tracking' issues.

This is what happens:

In any game (WMR House, Steam VR House, Steam VR games; tried Longbow, Google Earth) the setup works without issues the first few minutes. Controllers are tracking perfectly in relation to the HMD and each other, no jitter, smooth.
But after 10 minutes or so, the controllers start behaving erratically; jittering, disappearing. And often times both controllers 'fly off into the distance', I think about 20 meters away in front of me. It appears to me as if the game thinks that I'm standing in a different spot at that moment. With 'fly off' I mean that the controllers suddenly disappear in front of me and appear in the distance. This all happens instantaneously without any transition, just to be clear. After some time (30 secs or so, varies) the controllers reappear in front of me. This cycle continues.

At first I thought that Steam VR might be the culprit, but running the WMR House without Steam and Steam VR running at all, this behavior still occurs.

I tried swapping the controller batteries for fresh ones; no effect.

I tried different lighting conditions; no effect.

At this moment I'm at a loss how to fix this. I can't pinpoint the issue. Do any of you know what the problem might be? Have any of you experienced this kind of behavior? Any help or insight is greatly appreciated! Thanx guys!


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