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Re-casting my Hololens/Xbox question

Hello All
I want to re-cast my question from September 2018, does the Hololens O/s has an Event Viewer similar to Control Panel on Windows? Meaning using the Hololens portal tool’s and traces to determine any Bluetooth specific errors within my application does not revile anything.
So my question is re-cast as follows; “How can I trace/try catch/debug when my Hololens looses Bluetooth connection to xbox controller?”
I’m at my wits end as my projects relies heavily on the xbox controller, an my development has come to a complete stand still because of this issue.

Any help, comments are welcome.



  • Jamvaz123Jamvaz123
    edited December 2018

    Hello All
    Today I made some progress on my issue, since September 2018 I posed a question surrounding what seems as the XBOX Controller seemingly losing connection to the HoloLens. So, while running my experience the Hologram object would stay stuck in the last state of position/rotation. The controllers left stick, right stick and button mapped for use would become unresponsive.
    So today I went through the device portal for anything that would shed some light, which it did not. However, I did notice an odd behavior and that is that if I lose XBOX connectivity with the Hologram, when I navigate within the device portal to Bluetooth status page, the connection is restored and Xbox doesn’t lose it connection. The experience works fine, while I have this page open on the Device Portal.
    Can anyone assist me to understand why this is? Basically is this a normal behavior?

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