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Unable to deploy to HoloLens1.0 through Visual Studio 2019

edited August 2019 in Questions And Answers


I'm having troubles in deploying solution to Hololens1. 0 via Wifi. Before the test,

  • I use Unity 2018.4.4 + Visual Studio 2019.
  • I connect Hololens and my Win10 PC to the same network.
  • And entered Hololens Portal through web browser, which shows PC and Hololens connected correct.
  • Then I built the solution based on MR100 tutorial. The assets are modified based on the tutorials.

After Visual studio solution is generated, I set the target to "remote machine" with Hololens IP configured. It failed as follows,

When I check console output, it shows

Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Error DEP6701: > Bootstrapping failed with unexpected error: ArgumentException - Parameter cannot be null > or empty. Parameter name: target [0x80070057] droneExplorer

To debug, I tried 3 methods,

  1. Deploy to local PC simulator correct
    In Visual Studio, I set the the "remote machine" to local PC's IP. It runs correctly on simulator,

  2. Checked project setting
    I checked setting on Unity and Visual Studio, most of them are correctly followed offical documents. However, one wired thing is about backend scripting.
    If I set backend scripting to .NET, it shows error and the App can't be built.
    So I set backend scripting to IL2CPP and created App successfully, although this App can't be deployed to Hololens.

  3. Tried example "HoloLensDeploymentFix"
    I found the "know issues" on official document here.https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/mixed-reality/hololens-known-issues
    So, I tried the example "HoloLensDeploymentFix" and run it on command with IP argument. It failed as follow,

    It seems that my Hololens doesn't have this file.

Appreciate your help.


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    The configuration of VS 2019 is not complete. See the error log from your display picture above.

    Error: Microsoft Visual Studio Remote Debugging Monitor cannot start without a machine.
    Open Project Properties and specify a Machine Name, IP address, under 'Configuration Properties -> Debugging'

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