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Master Build crashes when hand is moved into sight

edited May 2020 in Troubleshooting

I cant get a working masterbuild for Hololens 2.
I did set up a Project using
Unity 2018.f.22f1 (with scripting Backend .Net)
and VisualStudio 2019 Community

In the Project i did only setup a scene with MRTK and added a cube with the Manipulationhandler script.
when i deploy a masterbuild i get the following exeption as soon as a hand moves into sight of the camera

Exception thrown: 'System.ArgumentException' in System.Private.Interop.dll
analog\input\mirage\publicapi\spatialcoordinatesystembase.cpp(36)\Windows.Mirage.dll!6E4094DB: (caller: 732AC6C9) ReturnHr(265) tid(1534) 80070057 The parameter is incorrect.

Develop and Release is working. i just cant find the problem why the masterbuild gets this exception.

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