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Cursor from Hololens tutorial does not register onto my 3D model from .obj file. Why is that?

edited July 2016 in Questions And Answers

I was successfully able to add a 3D model I have made next to the origami project (stage + 2 spheres) in the tutorial. However, I am unable to walk towards my model, or look around it from other angles. My cursor from the sample project also does not register it. Why is it not working?

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  • NhuNhu
    edited July 2016

    @HoloSheep I have added the box collider component to my model. it works! thank you!

    Sorry for the poor description. I meant that my hologram appeared as a 2D projection which stayed at a constant distance from my eyes no matter where i walked. I was able to fix the problem when i used a .fbx file instead of .obj though!

  • Hi guys, I havve the same problem, I also added the box collider to my project after reading this. But I cant see it. The positions are like the Holograms 101 tutorial. But I dont have the lights. Could it be the problem?

  • @AylinCopoglu can you attach a couple of screen shots that show you unity editor and what you are seeing as output when you run?

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  • Thank you HoloSheep but its already solved!! I appreciate your help!

  • CascadianCascadian
    edited March 2018

    @HoloSheep Any ideas on why the cursor is not responding to my 2D polygonal collider?

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