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The pain of not being able to develop for HoloLens

I'm quite new to the HoloLens community, and this post may seem a bit off-topic. But I look into HoloLens: The Reviews, apps, and capabilities, the more I see potential and the future. And I want to be a part of that future. My mind has sparked with ideas for apps that I could only dream could exist when I was a child. Now I want to make that dream a reality for myself and for others, and hopefully become successful as a third-party app developer.

Before I can pursue my dream of making my visions reality (or Augmented Reality I should say :P), I have two main issues that must be resolved on my end. The first is money. Being 17 and unemployed, I only barely have over $200 to call my own. I can't afford a $3000+ HoloLens, and I barely have enough to spend on Windows 10 Pro for an emulator.
The second issue being knowledge (or lack thereof). I'm quite endowed and experienced in parts of C++, C#, Java, CSS, HTML, and XAML. But 3D holograms are a beginner's worst nightmare! I'd personally love to work on a team and gain experience and get to know the Developer lifestyle while educating myself at the same time.
I was thinking of writing this to Microsoft, but I was wondering what the community had to think about my predicament. How do I find encouragement and solutions to these problems that are preventing me from embracing and furthering the platform and holograms in general. Hope that I can find a way to do this :)


  • sptspt ✭✭

    The traditional answer for "knowledge (or lack thereof)" is to go to college.
    Have you considered this possibility? There is a deeper understanding of computers you learn in Computer Science which you will not get by just studying particular technologies like the ones you list. No matter how 'endowed' you are, how intelligent or persistent or hard working, you will be at a great disadvantage without these studies. Being self taught is necessary, but insufficient. You really need both self driven exploration and formal training to really get on top of it.

    So, step 1: go to school.

  • School is nice if you can afford it/manage that into your lifestyle, and for many reasons more than just learning programming/CS/3D modeling, etc. Hey if you just want to know that stuff, just sit in front of YouTube for a good couple of years..
    Anyway as for the price, no it ain't cheap and for lots of good reasons. These are expensive to make, it's still quite early into an experimental program as the age of computing is progressing, yadda yadda yadda. It might not seem "fair" that some people have access while others don't because they can't afford it, but that's how it goes! If you want something really bad, and you have the ability to work, go out and spend some time and figure out a plan. Pick up a job (or a second job), even if it's not very glamorous, and earn it the old fashioned way. If the money you can earn is going to take too long for such a high price tag, maybe find another person or two in the same predicament and pool your efforts/speed up the process.
    Also seek out things like user groups where you could get access to such equipment, maybe even an internship somewhere. You'd be surprised how accessible things are based on where you live and what is available.
    I don't mean to have a harsh tone, actually a post like this is really a positive thing because it gives a voice to so many people wondering the same thing. My point is that there are definitely tons of opportunities depending on how much you want something, and how thoughtful you can be to pursue it - thinking aloud about it is the first step.
  • I have to say I was in the same position as you when the TRS-80 came out... I mowed many lawns that summer. You will find a way.

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