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How do I get the location of a SpatialAnchor?


I have a 3D DirectX Holographic app that is using spatial anchors and I was wandering how I could get the Vector3 coordinates of the SpatialAnchor.

The spatial anchor is coming from Windows.Perception.Spatial.SpatialAnchor.

This is all in C# and I have tried using the SpatialPointerPose to get the HeadPose and get the position off that but that is the position of the HoloLens and not the position of the SpatialAnchor. I only tried the HeadPose because it was the only way I could find that would give me a position.

I have had a look into the SpatialAnchor.CoordinateSystem but could not find a way to get the Vector3 coordinates.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Best Answer


  • I haven't looked into all the SpatialAnchor code yet, however if you have the position of the HoloLens, when it is hit testing/ collinding with your hologram, then you effectively can calculate the position of the anchor. You have an Up vector, and a surface normal vector. Anytime you have at least 2 you can orthogonally calculate the 3rd, which in this case is the X vector you're looking for to get the coordinates. By getting the cross product of the UP and Normal vectors you get your X vector, hence your position in space where the Hologram is. Is this what you're looking for?.

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  • //Creates an anchor at the origin of the specified coordinate system.
    public static SpatialAnchor TryCreateRelativeTo(SpatialCoordinateSystem coordinateSystem)

    //Creates an anchor at a specific position within the specified coordinate system.
    public static SpatialAnchor TryCreateRelativeTo(SpatialCoordinateSystem coordinateSystem, Vector3 position)

    //Creates an anchor at a specific position and orientation within the specified coordinate system.
    public static SpatialAnchor TryCreateRelativeTo(SpatialCoordinateSystem coordinateSystem, Vector3 position, Quaternion orientation)

    More info: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/apps/windows.perception.spatial.spatialanchor.aspx

  • Thanks for all the replies. I haven't continued on this project since this question but I may be jumping back into it soon so I will post my reply as best I can.

    I should have added that these spatial anchors were coming from the WorldAnchorStore
    so they are already created hence I can't get them from the position when creating them.

    As for your answer @mlfarrell, I believe that is in C++ and I mentioned that I am doing this in C# but I will set that as the answer for now and check on it when I get back to my project and convert it to C#.

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