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Problem with ImportExportAnchorManager in SpectatorView

edited April 2017 in Questions And Answers

Trying to build spectator view rig, and have some problem with export anchor to other devices.

I'm debug Sample Spectator View App (Shared Holograms) and figured out that in AppStateManager.cs after picking avatar, app state change to "WaitingForAnchor", but never change to "WaitingForStageTransform" because SpectatorView.SV_ImportExportAnchorManager.Instance.AnchorEstablished always equal false. It seems what anchor uploading is failing all time. I don't understand why, any ideas?

UPD: it works sometimes (very rarely), but in most cases it not works
UPD: find out that SV_ImportExportAnchorManager.sharingServiceReady is always false, because user not joined session in sharing service. i'm continue searching answer

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    finally it works!)
    it was a problem with my network connection


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