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Spatial anchors not persisting between hololens restarts?

edited June 2017 in Questions And Answers


I have spatial anchors working, sort of I guess. They seem to be persisting between app sessions, if I close the app and reopen it they holograms are located in the same spot. However if the hololens shuts down and I restart it, the anchors no longer persist. Is this how it normally works? Is there any way to persist anchors even after the hololens is restarted?

I know this is probably possible because the Holograms app leaves the holograms pinned in the same place even between restarts.


  • Are you using the Anchor store? There are several examples in this forum, here is one.

  • @MarcDub Yes I am using the anchor store, had come across the link you shared earlier. Still unable to get it to work between hololens restarts. It's completely fine between app restarts.

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