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What is Best Approach Large Object Recognize,Make Virtual Model and Load On Hololens

Hello All,

i have large Machine i want to scan/recognize Large Machine and create virtual model and load in Hololens. i research and found but what is the the best way to do.. ??

I found below things please suggest the best way.

  1. Manually align virtual model to actual/physical model.
  2. Via Image Marker which is attached to real world object (via Vuforia toolkit).
  3. Scan Actual model via generating mesh with HoloLens device.

Please Help Me out this thanks in advanced.

Ankit Sangani


  • We've used 1. and 2. If you are just doing a single demo where its just a single model and you are running the demo then 1 may be the easiest way to do it.

    If you are doing something more complex where there are multiple models or perhaps you won't be running the demo then 2 works well. Just takes longer to develop but actual use of the app should be easier.

    I haven't done 3. I heard that vuforia was releasing a CAD scanner down the road. I am not sure how long away that is nor what size model it will support. But if you have a way to pull it off that would be the ideal setup.


  • Thanks @mark_grossnickle for your prompt response.

  • @mark_grossnickle pardon me but would it be possible to use the shape recognition in the spatial understanding to create a custom shape, then tell it to create a mesh based on that shape? (I am quite new to coding so unsure if that is feasible)

  • @AvionicHologram I'm not sure I completely follow. It seems unrelated to this thread. Maybe make a new thread with your question with more details? I'll keep an eye out for it.


  • @mark_grossnickle Sorry about that, I asked because I thought it would be a way to fulfill @Ankit09_Sangani number 3 condition.

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