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Gestures on HP Mixed reality

I have an HP mixed reality headset, it looks like is working OK, just the display and the mouse. The gestures are not working. I assume the headset video cameras are working and are enabled.
1. How can I verify that the video cameras are working ?
2. How can I enable gestures

Thank you

Best Answers


  • Thank you, most likely you are right.

  • No gestures? Does that mean no hand tracking at all? Will that be enabled at some point in the future? Can we get access to the depth camera feed to try and use OpenCV or something? This is a very frustrating limitation.

  • I don't understand why is called Mixed Reality Headset, there is nothing mixed. Is only VR if the cameras are used only for head tracking. That means I can't superimpose VR over real video. If this is correct than I have to return the HP headset, is useless I have better VR headsets.

  • No gestures in immersive headset, in lieu of that you use the motion controller which iunfortunately is not ready for sale yet. But you can still use the Xbox controller as the virtual controller, although its 6dof navigation is weird and hard to use. Guys don't complain too much, this is still early in development but will get better and better over time. I believe its potentials are far beyond the htc and oculus devices.
  • The reason Microsoft has elected to call this framework 'Mixed Reality' rather than making a distinction between VR and AR is because they are making strong efforts to allow seamless parallel development for both mediums at once. To really understand this, I strongly suggest going through the [Holoacademy 250 - Sharing Mixed Reality] tutorial. It shows how easy it is to develop a single app that runs effectively on both the Hololens and VR headset offerings.

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