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Touchpad issues

I saw a few people had similar problems where the touchpad (mostly on the left controller for some reason) would detect a false input, rendering it completely useless and in many cases extremely irritating (constantly moving in games) but nobody seems to have found a consistent fix. Restarting used to fix the problem temporarily, but now mine has completely died.

No touch input at all, and therefore I can't even click the touchpad as that feature uses the touchpad for locating the button press.

I left it overnight and when I came back in the morning it had fixed itself, but I went out for half a day and when I came back the purple dot was back again, which is better than no touch input but still makes many games completely unplayable. Resetting the controller with the pair + windows button is what causes it to completely die by the way, so at least its consistent, which hopefully means its software or firmware and not hardware.

Anyone know a fix, workaround or a way to buy individual left motion controllers?


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    Do you have any idea for us to represent your problem?
    There is a another way for you to solve this problem: submitting your question in Feedback Hub.
    Feedback Hub is a Microsoft Store app, the download link is here.
    Mixed Reality Team can fetch application logs directly by Feedback hub. It also lets you provide screenshots. The more info you can give, the better.
    For more specific operation steps please refer to this question.

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    I have the same problem here. I open the WMR portal and then Steam VR. Then open a game (Pulsar Lost Colony and Stand out) and after a few mins the left controller touchpad starts to work on his own (a false input is the best way to describe the problem). If I go back to the WMR portal and have a look at the touch pad I can see it blinking in random positions without I touch it.
    Fixed this by open the Windows mixed reality app in steam instead of the standard Steam VR app. If I do so the controller keeps working
    An additional problem I have only with the left controller is the battery indicator in WMR portal indicates the controller battery low after few minutes. Is there a specific capacity requirement for the batteries of the controller?

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