UI Unity Canvas move during Live Preview

I have a somewhat strange problem. I used the suggestion from this thread to create a HUD.

I set the unity GUI Canvas to Screen Space - Camera and attached to Hololens Camera. It works well. HUD stays in place. The weird thing happens when I press the "Live Preview" button in the device portal of the hololens.
The GUI seems to move for the wearer of the hololens. For the wearer, it looks like he used a zoom in the button with the gaze as the center. In the Live Preview, it looks normal though.

To illustrate the problem I made the following picture.

As I mentioned. This happens only if I use live preview or mixed capture. Otherwise, it looks normal. Although it only seem to affect the GUI ( or it is only noticeable with the guy)

Anyone knows what this is and how I can avoid ( fix ) this?

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  • That happens to me as well when using Holographic remoting. Are you using that by chance?


  • No. I just login into the device portal. Described here:

    and use the mixed capture function there. Well, technical I log in from my laptop into the hololens. Is that holograhic remoting? I'm not sure.


  • No, that is not holographic remoting.

    I haven't seen it outside of holographic remoting. Hopefully somewhere else on here can help out.


  • thebanjomaticthebanjomatic ✭✭✭
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    Strange... Its probably rendering the UI relative to the screen-space of the mixed reality capture. Is it possible to not use screen space for this?

    The design guidance (see Basic hologram positioning) for UI's is generally to not use head-locked screen-space displays and instead to prefer world-space and/or body-locked content.

  • If you notice, when you finish your recording, the recording actually captures a larger area than what you are seeing through the Holo. Now, when you have a screen space canvas in Unity, it auto-scales to the screen size or FOV of the camera. So, I am assuming that when you switch to the recording mode on the Holo, it slightly changes the FOV and screen size to adjust for recording and thus your canvas is stretched outside of what you are seeing, in frame.

  • ReeleyReeley ✭✭✭

    I had something similar yesterday. I created Screen Space canvas and my UI Text got cut off on the left side. Funny thing is that this only occurs on the right screen. If you close your left eye you can see clearly that some text got cut off, but if you close your right eye then you can see the text. I guess the Hololens renders two somewhat different pictures on the screens.

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