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System's Spaces vs in-app mapping


It seems the system needs to know where you are located (spaces) that's why I don't really understand why my app needs to scan the room itself instead of just using the current system space.

A related question : Tutorials are all showing how to save the result of the mapping into your desktop computer (for later use in unity) but the end-user will not have Unity, why don't you add tutorials to save/load these mapping results from the Hololens device itself ???


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  • The app doesn't actually need to scan the room. The spatial mapping features will pull in whatever data the currently loaded space has available (within the bounding volume). The spatial understanding feature does require that you look, but this is an artificial requirement, and it could be rewritten to not have this behavior.

    The purpose of helping developers get their spatial map into Unity is to all you to iterate in the unity editor with a sense of real world scale and to enable you to experiment with processing / shading the spatial mapping mesh. It's not a feature end users would need to use.

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  • @Patrick @ahillier Thanks a lot for your explanations , the whole thing is becoming clearer everyday ;-)

  • CurvSurfCurvSurf ✭✭
    edited September 2016


    We developers will be understanding HoloLens a little more everydays. Please provide us developers with the real-time raw depth data stream, the raw data used for updating the spatial mapping!

    • Intel RealSense: max 60 fps raw depth data stream
    • Google Tango: about 5 fps raw depth data stream.
    • MS HoloLens: no raw depth data stream, only spatial mapping!
  • Hi @CurvSurf,
    Since I came from Kinect, I can understand why you would like access to the raw depth streams, but unfortunately I do not have power to grant your request :)

    Could you please file a feature request using the 'Feedback Hub' on the HoloLens?


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